Fabric Light Box

Fabric LED Light Boxes are the latest visual display trend for big, bold graphics that capture a viewer”s attention. DSA”s Frameless Fabric LED Light Box, made in the India, is produced to exacting specifications for a quality product designed to last.

LED Fabric Light Box

ITEM :- Frameless LED Light Boxes
Fabric are different than traditional light boxes, where the graphic is snapped into place with a frame. To achieve the frameless appearance, the edges of the graphic are sewn with a silicone beading that tucks into the perimeter of the light box extrusion to display a taut, smooth graphic face. This application is growing in popularity and even seen in retail environments such as H&M. They can fabricated in virtually any size, the bigger the better. Easy to assemble and change graphics, Frameless Light Boxes offer a solid alternative to snap frame light boxes, especially in larger sizes


Advertising, Branding

Available Sizes

Any customized sizes available


1″, 2″, & 3″

Silicon Strip for Fabric Light Box